The pace of change in today’s business world is dizzying, and many companies are finding it hard to hire the needed skills. But developing existing employees is a huge opportunity, if you give them the tools to get up to speed. They’ve already invested in your company – now it’s time to invest in them.


And even the technically savvy need core business skills – team building, effective time management, and other “soft” skills are just as important to an organization as writing the coolest code.


Plus, different audiences may need different approaches – is training best delivered in a classroom, or a remote classroom, or a flipped classroom, or via video or interactive online course?


KLARECOM can help you develop and deploy a comprehensive plan:

  • Identifying and prioritizing areas of opportunity
  • Identifying your audience(s)
  • Building deployment schedules and goals
  • Creating or sourcing learning materials, including video and online learning modules
  • Measuring participation and success
  • Training your team
  • Helping you select and manage outside communications vendors



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