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English is rapidly becoming the de-facto universal language of business and technology. Many major businesses outside of the United Kingdom and North America make English proficiency a requirement for their new employees.


But there is a big difference between spoken and written proficiency. Even native English speakers can have a hard time writing well. It's a challenge to write clearly in a natural and colloquial style, which can cause problems:

  • Unclear information or instructions which confuse the customer, making them look for a different and easier to use source
  • Documentation that looks odd or "foreign," which can make the English-language customer take their business where they feel more comfortable
  • An appearance that companies are not serious or professional enough to compete on a global scale, or unwilling to spend the time to produce quality documentation


The KLARECOM Approach


Traditional translation services are expensive and do not guarantee idiomatically correct English. KLARECOM starts with the rough translation work done by your in-house English-speaking personnel.


Then, drawing from our over 20 years of experience in technical and marketing communications, KLARECOM turns your work into natural sounding, grammatically correct finished documents for little more than the cost of a professional editing or proof-reading service.


And unlike those services, KLARECOM works not only from your translation; if your source materials are in Spanish, French, or German, we have native speakers on staff to compare the English version with the original copy to ensure accuracy of meaning and intent.


Idiomization Examples:








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